The Problem

The task given to me and my team was simple: create a new and responsive insurance policy page while connecting it to a new back-end system. The page was and is still one of the most visited pages of the company, but it hadn’t gotten the attention it deserves. The information I assumed was most relevant, namely the monthly premium split out into the persons and packages on the insurance policy, was almost hidden. There was a large amount of clutter and too much irrelevant information.

The Process

For one of the most visited pages of our website, I was not going to base my design on assumptions. We had some research lying around, but this was second hand information. I wanted to know what customers were coming to do on the page. In which situations do they visit? What are they looking for? I pitched the idea to do focus groups to my product owner. He was hesitant at first, but I convinced him eventually.

We organised 2 very valuable sessions. While guiding the first group it became clear quite quickly: my original design based on assumptions needed a complete redesign. Luckily, I didn’t need to base my decisions on assumptions anymore. There was basically one big need: “At the end of the year, I want to see what packages I currently have, how much they cost per month, and what the included reimbursements are with those packages”. Because I talked to customers not only about that need, but also their opinion on the current design, I knew quickly how to better cater to their needs.

The Product

While the old design focussed on being a kind of interactive receipt with all the information neatly below each other, the new design focussed a lot more on immediately showing insurance packages, even on mobile. It also divided persons on the page more clearly by cards, instead of putting everything vertically with no clear distinction. For mobile we also took advantage of swiping, by putting cards partially off screen to indicate more information to be available.

The Post-production

By inviting customers from the focus groups back to give their opinion on the newly built policy page, we were able to even further improve the page before moving on to a new project. I am very confident we have better enabled them to complete their tasks.